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Phone Verification

The Phone Verification is a WHMCS addon that helps eliminate fraud and makes sure accounts created are legit as each phone number is verified to make sure it is real.

Admin Menu Manager

With Admin Menu Manager you will be able to do lots of different actions like adding unlimited menus and sub-menu items, identifying when and to whom each item will be displayed, changing the order of menu items, and many more, all of this can be done easily only with few clicks. You probably know WHMCS v8.0 no longer provides statistics on top of the page admin display - Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices, and Tickets Awaiting Reply with this module you have that also to make lift easy.

WS Email 2FA

What is Email Two-Factor Authentication? WS Email Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security by adding a second step to the login process. It takes something you know (ie. your password) and adds a second factor, typically something you have (such as your email). Since both are required to log in, the threat of a leaked password is lessened. One of the most common and simplest forms of Two-Factor Authentication is Email Address. With Email 2FA, in addition to your regular username & password, you also have to enter a x digit code that re-generates every 30 seconds. Only your token device (typically a email address) will know your secret key and be able to generate valid one time passwords for your account. We recommend enabling Email 2FA. This system also gives you the ability to provide your customers and admins with Email Two-Factor Authentication, which will send a code to your clients/admins email upon login, and before proceeding to the client area/admin area, you would need to enter the provided code.

WS Products/Addons Images

Bring attention to your products and services in WHMCS with Products/Addons Images! Products/Addons Images is an addon for WHMCS allowing you to easily add images when creating or editing your WHMCS Products/Services, Product Addons, Configuration Option or Group.

SMS Manager

SMS Manager is an advanced SMS System that offers you the ability to automatically send SMS messages to your clients on certain events (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for an overdue invoice, etc.). This system also gives you the ability to provide your customers and admins with two-factor authentication, which will send a code to your clients/admins phone upon login, and before proceeding to the client area/admin area, you would need to enter the provided code. The SMS Manager offers many features which are beneficial to many companies who use WHMCS as their billing system.

WS Country Restrictions

If you run a website, then by default it is accessible to the whole world. Many countries do not do business due to a bad relationship (i.e US does not do business with Cuba etc.). They are an option to disable the countries from which you do not want to accept orders or register. With this module, you don't need to edit the .htaccess file and make easy of you to click a country that you like to block

WS MailerSend

As a web hosting provider, people depend on you to manage their web presence. Ensure that they receive every account update by using a transactional email API or transactional SMS API. This MailerSend integration lets WHMCS send email notifications or SMS that reach recipients and feature your web hosting brand. This solution includes 12,000 free emails per month. The one that whmcs.com developer (SendGrid) have no supported replay email yet What do MailerSend do? Transactional messaging service designed for everyone. Integrate with your own API, use advanced analytics, send transactional SMS and more.

WS Client Limitation

We have created a module for vendors who would like to suspend their clients for any reason including if they did not follow the business rules. The client does not have any access to place an order, services or Domains. The only thing the client will have supports ticket and the billing sections -- just in case they own any invoices they will be able to pay. Also, if you want to stop the client from placing an order only you can also do that. Admin can see all suspended clients.

WS Services Fee

This module is a must-have module that will allow you to charge additional fees to translate the costs for your customers. It will be a one-time setup fee/service charge. You don't need to pay the fee anymore because your customers will pay the price. You have the option to charge an additional fee for each customer's country because a different gateway company doesn't set the same amount in all countries.

WS Discount Manager

With this module, you can see the discounts on your product pages. In the admin section, you can choose to give a flat discount or a percentage discount. Once the order is placed, and you go to checkout, it automatically adds the discount. The client will be getting a one-time discount, a monthly discount, or a recurring discount also.

WS Client Verification

This nice addon module is great for VPS and Dedicated hosting providers. Through this module, you can simply verify your client in a minute. Through the client area, the user can easily upload a photo ID card and after that, you need to approve verification inside the admin area. Simple but powerful WHMCS module.. Once the client places an order and pay the services then they need to verify the photo is not the order will not be finish. WS Client Verification has featured built-in to help keep your data safe.

WS Affiliates Plus

With this module, your affiliates clients will be notified via email when they have made a sale. With the link provided by an affiliate, it will show the amount of the sale. An affiliate can login and check their commission. It should list the commission and the name of the customer. To use this module you need to enable your WHMCS affiliates program. Also with this module, the affiliate can put their PayPal ID to make it easy for admin staff to distribute commission payment. Now your affiliate clients do not need to wait for the end of the month to find out if they will receive any commission. The affiliate will then give out these promo codes to their customers and Affiliates URL, and when the customer uses that specific promo code on your website. With this module you don't need to edit nothing. Plus more see feature below.

WS Auto Product Upgrade

Our WS Auto Upgrade Module is the perfect complement to your free trial offerings - allowing you to give clients a certain time period of utilizing a product before automatically upgrading, this is an automated solution for retaining free trial users! Enhance your free trial offerings and streamline your transition process from free trial to paid plan with this module! Either set products to be automatically upgraded - with an invoice created as soon as the upgrade happens, or set invoices to be delayed by X days when certain products are ordered - to give clients a few days to try the product before purchasing. Automatically Upgrade Products Set specific products to be upgraded to other specific products after X days - perfect for free trials! Delay Invoices Set the due date of invoices created upon the order of specific products to be delayed by X days - perfect for free trials!

WS Credit Manager

With this module, Credit Manager, the client can see the balance in the client area as the option -- it is not implemented by default six templates. If there is a credit then the client sees it; if there is no credit then you will not see Credit Balance section but admin can enable/disable this if they like.. The credit will automatically be removed within x month if it is not used. Also, allows you to credit your customer with a credit-worth bonus. Reward your customers with extra credit for the trust they have placed in you? Then our WS Credit Manager module might be just right for you.


WS GDPR Tools is a module to assist in making a website GDPR compliant. This GDPR Tools covers cookies consent, delete my account form, request data form, erasure data form.. What is GDPR? The GDPR is a new EU legal framework that governs how users' personal data is used. It applies to all automated and manual processing of personal data (i.e., collection, conservation, extraction, use, destruction, etc.). Personal data is information that is used to identify an individual either directly or indirectly (i.e., first and last name, email address, IP address, telephone number, etc.).Top 10 What does GDPR change? The right to be informed The right to access The right to be forgotten The right to object The right to data portability
GDPR gives individuals control over how their personal information is being collected, stored, and used. Under GDPR individuals have the following rights

WS UptimeRobot Status

If you're using UptimeRobot to monitor your websites/servers - that's great - now you can show your server statuses on your site. Your clients can see whether the server is up right from network status. This is a good module for all hosting companies that use UptimeRobot monitoring service to display status of server to the public or to their clients. If you're not using UptimeRobot - well, you're missing out! You can signup Free

WS Domain Auction

A domain name auction facilitates the buying and selling of currently registered domain names, enabling individuals to purchase a previously registered domain that suits their needs from an owner wishing to sell. I created a module with a Domain Auction section for the Clients Area. In this section, customers will be able to sell their existing client domains, Admin sent the money by PayPal, Check or give credit if they like to the clients who sell the domain. just like namejet.com, namecheap.com, and godaddy.com for an incredible low startup cost? What is a domain auction? Domain auction space serves as a "marketplace" for buyers and sellers to get together and make deals. When a domain expires, it typically goes right back to the registry. If it's a valuable domain name, however, registrars will try to sell it through auction, and buyers are always eager to capitalize on potential deals.

WS Share Notes

The module is to let the clients see ONLY SOME of the notes we have under the notes tab on the client portal side. On the admin side, we need to have the option to select by enabling/disable which note the client can see and also which contact or contacts from the contacts tab are able to access and see that notes. I think we need to have that setting per each note. For example, we work with a lot of client account passwords we manage for them and we want to share that information with some of their contacts listed (the IT staff or management) on the client contacts tab.

WS Product Limiter

WS Product Limiter is a addon module that gives you the ability to limit purchasing a product to specified times. When activated, once the client will try to purchase the same product again - he/she will receive an error message. That can be handy when giving free trial versions. This module will help you to stop free trial versions abuse, as the client will not be able to download more than one product. This good module of company that offer IPTV, VPN or any product that you offer trial period.

WS To-Do List Extended

This module is more advanced than the one that WHMCS built-in. It has more feature that you can see on the list that it could do

WS MailerLite

With MailerLite, not only can you compose and send awesome looking emails, but with the integration in WHMCS, you can setup emails that are triggered automatically when events such as new signups occur within WHMCS. Best of all, MailerLite is FREE to use up to 1,000 subscribers so for many users, using MailerLite won't cost you a penny more. It work with all feature from WHMCS not like WHMCS MailChimp that don't work all feature. Make sure you checkout MailerLite feature what it do. Setting up the integration with MailerLite is quick and easy, simply enter a MailerLite API Key and WHMCS takes care of the rest Get $20 credit for MailerLite and start sending beautiful newsletters

WS Refer A Friend

Each person who clicks your custom link and purchases service with your company will generate an x dollars service credit to your account. You will be emailed each time an x dollars service credit is added to your account, which occurs after the person you referred remains an active paying client for x days. Admin area we can add the amount we like to give. Module create an ID and store it in the database for the client the first time he login to the client area. Keeps the visitors engaged and helps in building a long term relationship.

WS One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout makes it possible to turn any page into a checkout page. It also makes it easier for your customers to buy from these custom checkout pages by displaying both product selection and checkout forms on a single page. Complete One Page Checkout is one of the most powerful, AJAX-based modern WHMCS Order Form modules. One Page Checkout will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate checkout page. This order form template is the most advanced and complete One Page checkout WHMCS order form template available on today.

WS Sendy Newsletter

What is Sendy Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability. Make sure you checkout Sendy feature what it do. How much can you save? You can find out here

WS Email Delivery Status

As a business, you send many important emails to your customers. Invoices, renewal notices, quotes, and important announcements are just a few of the many things you may communicate to your customers via e-mail. Wouldn't it be great if you could tell if your customers have read the emails you have sent? Now you can! WS Email Delivery Status allows you to track the e-mails you send, and see which ones have been opened. Once this module is activated an invisible tracking pixel will be added to the footer of all emails sent by WHMCS to your customers, and you can see which messages have been read from the WHMCS Administration Area. Email Tracking This module allows you to see which emails have been opened from the Emails tab on the "Client Summary" page in WHMCS. You can also see the date the email was opened, and the IP address that was logged when the message was viewed. If the email has been read you will see a green icon. If you see no icon it means that the email was sent before activating the module or not yet read it. Statistics Easily get a quick overview of how many emails you are sending, and how many of them are being opened, from the Email Delivery Status Overview page. You can calculate the open rate from the overview page also.

WS Invite Required

If someone just comes to the website, they would ONLY be able to view the login page. Active or inactive EXISTING customers may send an invitation to their family or friend via email or copy/paste any way they please. That invite link would be unique and have a way for the admin to set the amount of time it would expire. That invite link would allow that person to view the rest of the website and order anything. It could only be used once. Also, the admin to create and send an invitation link as well. In addition, if the invite link is used, meaning the person signs up for service, and also the ability to give a "commission" or "credit" I would define the amount to the person who sent the invite link. This module is good if you don't want everybody to order on your site and only your clients can send an invite link and place an order.

WS Auto Detect Language

First-time visitors will be redirected to their preferred language based on their browser settings or IP address. The language is then saved in a cookie so that any time they return to the website, they will be automatically redirected to their last visited language. With this module, you can automatically change the WHMCS language according to the location of the customer. The module automatically determines visitors' geolocation and sets their local language. The module automatically uses the default language from your WHMCS Configuration..

WS Promotion Banners

Boost your sales, by adding promotion banners in WHMCS Client Theme, choose placement and start earning! Place of default WHMCS MarketConnect products. You can add banner on left, right or center. Every customer loves holiday sales and special offers. Our Promotion Banner module allows you to add special holiday-themed banners to your store pages in order to promote certain products in holiday period. Once enabled the module places a special promotion banner to any pages in Client Area. In this banner you can advertise products and items which are under the special offer or promotion.

WS Close Account

We created a small module of auto-close the account after the customer has either no products or they are all canceled/terminated. Automatically closed/Inactive or delete the account, and it will run each cron and email the admins that receive system emails if there are any clients that have been closed/Inactive/Delete. You can easily delete multiple clients, and also you can choose which clients to delete Active, Inactive or Closed clients.

WS Scheduled Price Increase

WS Scheduled Price Increase Module allows you to increase the product/service price for individual active clients only. It will automatically increase the price of the recurring products and services. Please take a look at the screenshots to see more details and features.

WS New Order Ticket

We know that you can setup a welcome email in the product field but We created this module because of VPS and Dedicated servers. Some VPS and Dedicated server are not setup automatically so when client signup for dedicated server, system automatically open the Ticket with Subject New Server Details and with content like welcome email. After a server is up your admin will update this ticket with server details.

WS Log Prune

WHMCS Services created a small module of Admin Section as a result of my database becoming too large for the log it saves in. This module helps to easily remove entire logs that have been there for years. Automatically purge the log tables to reduce the size of the database. A smaller database and fewer entries means increased performance and lower resource usage.

WS Auto Ticket Fraud Order

We have created an addon so that when someone places an order, and it is marked as a fraud due to any reasons, it will automatically open a ticket and email them telling them that order was placed as fraud and investigated. The staff can then respond back immediately telling them the reason for the investigation, it may not be a fraud. The good thing about this addon is that you don't need to wait until your client emails you telling you that the order was placed as a fraud. Instead, you can immediately investigate the ticket yourself.

WS Client Reminders

With our Client Reminders, you can easily set after x days you want to send a quote or reminder to your client. You can set First, Second, Third, and Last Reminder. Also, you can tick if you want to set the reminder status to expire after the last reminder email. Please take a look at screenshots to see more details.

WS Cancellation Ticket

Although this utility is currently provided by WHMCS, this addon lets you know the reason for the cancellation by asking the client the reason for cancellation. Once a client requests a cancellation it will create a ticket that will be placed on our "Accounts/Billing" queue. The ticket will include their package details and cancellation request. The staff can then inquire to find out why he/she requested to cancel or try to persuade them to remain with your company.

WS Existing Domains

This module will give the customers the ability to use domains they have already purchased. For example, a client first orders a domain name only and then comes back at a higher date and wants to order a hosting service and use the same domain name they already have on their account. With WHMCS, it will not be an easy to do that but with this module, WS Existing Domains, you can easily do it.

WS Email Verification Pro

When registering a new account (without placing an order), WHMCS would normally allow the customer to do anything, even without verifying their email address. With our module, after registration, they will be redirected to the page where they will have to verify their email. If the customer doesn't verify, they CAN NOT access any part of their account (except Support Tickets and client detail) until they have verified their email address. If they do not verify their email address within X days, then their account will automatically be closed. Admin can also manual mark the email verification. As part of WHMCS's standard procedure when a new customer orders a product/service then they will be asked to register before making the payment. After they have registered, they will be asked to verify their email address before proceeding to make payment (Credit Card Only). Once they have successfully verified their email address, then they will be able to proceed to payment - and only then. 2. If uses Checkout Option, then they need to verify they email before they place an order, and it will not store in the Database until they verify the email. If they don't verify, then they can not place an order. This module helps to stop many fraud emails, but allows legitimate emails.
This module has Two options you can choose from

WS Client Username

Now with client username module, your clients can register on WHMCS with a username. Also, they can login with the username or email from the same login page. In the admin area, you can delete any username also you can suspend or unsuspend any user. If the user login to the client area he/she will see only a suspended page he/she can't see any other pages in the client area but the ticket system.

WS Link Directory

Link Directory is a full-featured WS module that can be used as an addition to your existing site or as a stand-alone WHMCS Installed. Using Link Directory Addons your website can achieve top rank and take the leading positions in the most popular search engines! The administrator is free to create the packages for the customers he/she prefers. The packages can differ in price if they offer nofollow or dofollow links

WS Seal Generator

Well, here's your chance! WHMCS Service's popular WS Module, WS Seal Generator, is a unique system that allows you to run your own Trust Seal service and explore a fairly untouched but lucrative space, which has the potential for many opportunities. Just like trust-guard.com, trustsealed.com, and verasafe.com for an incredible low startup cost?

WS WhoIsOnline

WhoIsOnline in the "Who is Online module" that WHMCS is missing. WhoIsOnline is a complete re-write of its predecessor and enables transparent session monitoring of your clients which allows you, the admin to see who is logged on, what page they last viewed, where they were referred from, and when, and how long they have been online. The module will give you the functionality to see whoisonline on the home page of the client are and track every move they make.

WS Client Notify

With this module, your clients will get an email when they login, failed login to the accounts or change the password. Each time the client's login they will receive an email with login details or when someone login with the email. From module settings, you can uncheck/check if you the admin like receive the notification emails and client want to receive the client notify also have the ability to check/uncheck his own notification Setting from the client area.

WS Support Pin

This WHMCS Addon Module will allow your customers to generate a Support Pin which will enable you to verify the account holder by using a single pin, which can either be expire each time it is used to verify the customer and/or expired after a number of hours.

WS Agree Terms

You can set up this module based on different terms and conditions for individual product groups. For example, if you sell dedicated server and you have difference terms then what you show on your site then you can add the term of this group only. Now when customers order this service/server then it shows the terms they need to agree to. Now if you sell VPS or other stuff then you can choose a different term for that also.

WS Login Verify Pin

Login Verify Pin prevents unauthorized account access. When you enable pin code on your account, you get another layer of security on your account that. To protect the security of accounts, Login Verify Pin requires you to verify your account before you can logins. To do so, You'll then need to enter this PIN within your account. Why do you need it? Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise. They can often be guessed or leaked, they usually don't change very often, and despite advice otherwise, many of us have favorite passwords that we use for more than one thing. So Login Verify Pin authentication gives you additional security because your password alone no longer allows access to your account.l

WS FastTrack Ticket

With this module, you give your customers the option to "FastTrack" their tickets. Your customers decide if their current requests are in need of the highest priority. And you set the price. This is great for your business as you prioritize and select problems your customers need addressing ASAP. Users will have the option to choose 'priority service' on support ticket. If the user has already submitted a ticket without indicating 'priority service' then we will provide normal service. If a user submits a new ticket, we will have the option for a user to select 'priority service.' Opening Hours Not every business provides support round the clock, and not every customer understands this. This module gives you control on when your departments are "open" by allowing you to set down to the minute opening hours for each department. When your department's closed, it displays a neat sidebar widget with titles and text you control to explain the department is closed and when it will be open. It doesn't lock the department out as no-one could open or reply to tickets, but it does let your customers know when to expect a reply.
Customers can choose to open a ticket for priority service or for normal service. If a user chooses priority service, then we generate a billable item that will include an invoice. 1. For New Ticket
Customer will be shown the option to choose priority service on a sidebar. If a customer selects this service, we will generate an invoice and customer needs to pay this first before a ticket is answered. 2. For Generated Ticket

WS Email Auto Authorization

This module will make it easy for your customers to view the client area thru a link that generates with each email without the need to login with the option to make the link expire in X days. The module works with Invoices, Products, Domain and Quote Delivery in the Email Template to add the Auto Authorization Link see the available merge fields you will find 2 custom fields.

WS Uptime Status

If you're using UptimeDoctor.com, HyperSpin.com or Pinguzo.com to monitor your websites/servers - that's great - now you can show your server statuses on your site. Your clients can see whether the server is up right from network status. This is a good module for all hosting companies that use UptimeDoctor / HyperSpin / Pinguzo monitoring service to display status of server to the public or to their clients.