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Phone Verification System (PVS)

Phone Verification System (PVS)
The Phone Verification System (PVS) is a WHMCS addon that helps eliminate fraud and makes sure accounts created are legit as each phone number is verified to make sure it is real. The system allows you to use three different API providers, Nexmo, Clickatell and Twilio. Alternatively, you can integrate any other SMS API provider using our new Custom Dev Kit. With the option of setting your verification API, and strategy. This is explained in the wiki. Clients who are in your WHMCS database before you enable the module, will not be effected and will not require to be verified. This module will only verify new clients. Proud to say that this module doesn't alter a single template file.

Abuse Manager Pro (AMP)

Abuse Manager Pro (AMP) is a WHMCS addon that helps admins with the daily chores of abuse reports, and followups and turns their lives into a walk in the park! Although many people use support tickets, that method requires a lot of work and many different methods to help streamline the process. With AWP, everything is within the module and there is no need to use multiple pages, and applications any more. The system allows you to receive abuse reports from 3rd parties, either by emails (using a pipe) or by a public facing report abuse page. As well as that, you can create abuse reports of your own. When an abuse report is submitted by 3rd parties (public facing page or via the email pipe), it goes into a queue and awaits your moderation and then you can assign it to a customer if you see fit. Queued abuse reports also try to help you by showing you which customer and service the abuse report could be linked to. Admins can have conversations with clients, and vice versa - all in favor of reaching a solution and ultimately closing/resolving the abuse report. Admins have the ability of not suspending the service that relates to the abuse report, or suspend it immediately, or suspend it after a certain time limit passes. They also have the option to allow a customer to unsuspend themselves if required.