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Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS implement Universal Analytics Enhanced E-commerce features using Google Tag Manager on WHMCS. With this module, you now can track all orders in Google Analytics and Goals Conversion. Optimize your Adwords Campaigns with information about sales orders, revenue, CPA, and more! Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce enables product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent to Google Analytics. Track Page Views, Events, and Actions on all WHMCS pages. Track the order funnel and revenue, abandoned the checkout process, generate page value, and improve the data analysis of your audience.

Iugu Cartão de Crédito Transparente

Realize transações por cartão de crédito de forma transparente com o módulo WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO. O Módulo WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO é um módulo de pagamento para o intermediador Iugu que possibilita a utilização do método de pagamento por cartão de crédito de forma transparente dentro do WHMCS. Aprimore a experiência de compra do seu cliente no WHMCS com o Iugu Cartão PRO. Com este módulo seus clientes realizarão o pagamento através de cartão de crédito de forma transparente e sem redirecionamento. Além do pagamento transparente, tenha em mãos todo o poder da recorrência de pagamentos do WHMCS integrada com a Iugu. O módulo WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO possibilita a realização de cobrança recorrente automática no cartão de crédito diretamente através do WHMCS. Receba as faturas em dia e conte com todo o poder e flexibilidade de faturamento e captura que o WHMCS dispõe integrada a sua conta Iugu.

Mautic + WHMCS Integration

Synchronize your WHMCS clients automatically in Mautic through the WHMAUTIC module and automate your marketing campaigns. The WHMAUTIC Module integrates your WHMCS with Mautic, synchronizing your customers directly into the Mautic marketing automation platform and enabling you to identify business opportunities, automate marketing campaigns, and segment your customers based on your interests and products. Track the WHMCS shopping funnel to help you identify campaign performance through Mautic and improve your sales conversion.

Yapay Direct for WHMCS

The Yapay Direct Module is a payment portal for WHMCS integrated with the Yapay intermediary. The Yapay Direct Module enables direct payment to the Yapay intermediary, ensuring greater security, better reliability and more agility in the purchasing process. The Yapay Direct Module has all sorts of forms of payments available in the Yapay intermediary. The Yapay Direct module for WHMCS is easy to install and safe to operate, your customer’s credit card data will not be stored in WHMCS. Count on the Automatic payment notifications of transactions in the intermediary Yapay.