We are a cloud provider, you can find our presence at: https://www.firstcloud.online. There we offer various online services for small and medium-sized customers. As a platform we use whmcs and have gained extensive experience with it. For the daily business we have developed whmcs extensions and our years of experience have gone into these plugins.

We Offer Fixed Price Guarantee on All Products

eSignature + Online Contract

Customers can digitally sign and store PDF files in a legally secure way. The signatures are recognized by the courts and are legally effective.

Sitemap Generator Whmcs

Sitemaps Generator Site ownership check Generate sitemaps for Bing, Google, Yandex Automatically update sitemaps It is also possible to generate sitemaps for single search engines if not all of them are needed.
Bing, Google, Yandex Create sitemaps easily with the sitemaps generator for WHMCS and submit them
Overview of the functions