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Project Management & Time Tracking

wbTeamPro is a Project Management solution that extends the power of WHMCS. It is designed to satisfy a wide range of project detail complexity, while maintaining a navigation typical to WHMCS that simplifies adoption, data collection and review.

Time Tracking & Retainer Billing

wbTimeLog allows time tracking against billable credit hours for your clients. wbTimeLog allows you to bill your clients for a retainer of hourly credits, then log time against credit hours purchased by client, providing a live balance report to you and optionally the client.

Ticket Search Companion

Add Dynamic Ticket Searches to your WHMCS Administration template. Similar to the Intelligent Search currently part of WHMCS, Ticket Search provides a dynamic search feature that helps you easily locate tickets by client, ticket id, and topic. wbTicketSearch provides many customizable options for filtering tickets, and stores unique preferences for every admin. This module works with the Blend, v4, and Classic administrator templates and could be easily modified to work with a custom template.

Hubstaff for WHMCS

The Hubstaff Integration for WHMCS provides synchronization between Hubstaff time tracking and either WHMCS billable items, wbTeamPro time logs, or wbTimeLog time credits. The integration allows you to map Hubstaff Projects and Users to specific specific WHMCS clients. With this integration you can track and invoice clients for time recorded in Hubstaff. ** This product is currently provided free for a limited time to early adopters. Registration is required for download.

Ticket Client Tools

Tickets created by guests or clients with email variations are received without client association. This plugin provides an intelligent lookup to offer any available Client or Contact matching options along with the option to Create a new client.