For almost 10 years working with 8000 different clients Net9 Oy is a well experienced and established software and hosting company based in Finland. We produce some WHMCS modules for our own needs, which we sell on WHMCS marketplace as well to benefit others. Being strong believers in freedom to modify code we always provide our products with no encryption or other DRM.

We Offer Fixed Price Guarantee on All Products

Traficom .fi registrar for WHMCS

Traficom EPP for WHMCS Ficora/Traficom EPP support for WHMCS, a registrar module, which adds functionality to your WHMCS to register .fi modules through Finnish .fi registry Traficom without any third party in between. This means you can get .fi domains at the lowest price possible. Traficom was previously known as Ficora.

Paytrail for WHMCS

Paytrail for WHMCS payment gateway
This module adds Paytrail payment gateway to your WHMCS installation. Paytrail is a gateway that provides multiple payment methods that are popular in Finland, such as Finnish ebanking, credit cards, GSM and much more.
Do note that usage requires an existing contract with Paytrail.
Finnish Ebanking for your WHMCS
Easily add support for Finnish ebanking such as OP, S-Pankki, Nordea etc. for your WHMCS shop. This module integrates fully the payment method selection inside your site with the customer being forwarded only to their own bank. Paytrail for WMHCS integrates with all banks in Finland.