You'll find lots of WHMCS Modules in this category. It contains lots of Addon Modules, Payment Gateways and a lot more to come.

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Tickets Manager Whmcs

If you are receiving too many queries from potential clients then you need this add-on to work with WHMCS. Auto Create Clients will help you set them up with one click. Create Clients from Tickets Automatic Run Cron to Create new Clients by looking up in tickets - It can also be initiate manually from Module Settings (if Cron is disable). It will also assign tickets to your existing clients that they have opened before registering an account Cron can be enable/disable from module configuration page Lookup tickets or Clients with Invalid Emails
Auto Create Clients has the ability to

Block VPN Users / Orders

Control fraud and block users who are placing orders using proxy or VPN. Block VPN Users/Orders module allows you to block users from browsing your site over VPN/Proxy and not only that it does not let them place an order. Our module uses an extensive IP Database to check the IPs of the customers and visitors to help you control fraud. Our Database updates multiple times every day as per need. The module checks the IP using an API of our Partner.

Bulk / Mass Promo Codes

Mass Promo Codes provide you the ability to generate mass promo codes in your WHMCS. Not only that, this add-on comes with more features and benefits. FREE Export of Codes Generate Mass Promo Codes Export Generated Promo Codes Add Prefix and/or Suffix to Generated Promo Codes Import Promo Codes Add Prefix & Suffix to Imported Promo Codes WHMCS Admin Homepage Widget to Import Promo Codes Set Default Prefix/Suffix for Promo Codes 1 Promo Code (Generated or Imported) will consume 1 Credit Exporting Sample file will consume 1 Credit Exporting Promo Codes with Generating is FREE You can buy more credits while ordering You can also buy more credit later from inside the addon.
Credit Consumption
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eBilling Payment Gateway

E-Billing Payment Gateway aggregates wallet platforms from mobile operators and banks in Africa. E-Billing does not process payment. Customers will be directed to the E-Billing payment portal. This portal provides steps to validate payment with the mobile wallet provider of the customer.

Knet Whmcs

Knet Payment Gateway modules allow you to integrate Knet checkout with the WHMCS platform.

Pay via Promo Code - Gateway

If you want to give your clients a first year for free or 100% off one time or recurring you can use this module. It will not ask users for their Card Information like other gateways even if the invoice amount is 0. You can also use this gateway to provide FREE first month/year of any product. All you have to do is make 100% OFF promo code for that particular product and make sure you set it up for once per client. Be advised that clients have to enter the Promo Code that is 100% OFF or equals to the value of the product. Create a Promo Code Wisely in WHMCS Promotions.

Revolut Payment Gateway

Revolut Payment Gateway

Tap Payment Gateway Whmcs

Tap Payment Gateway Whmcs

FastSpring Gateway Checkout v2

Just install FastSpring Checkout Gateway for an inline checkout experience. This gateway handles everything behind the scenes to maximize payment performance and operate with full integrity.

Paddle Checkout Gateway v2

Just install Paddle Gateway for an inline checkout experience. This gateway handles everything behind the scenes to maximize payment performance and operate with full integrity.

Payment Gateway Manager Whmcs

Payment Gateway Manager Whmcs