WHMCS Global Services (WGS) started in the year 2009. With just two WHMCS developers and a single project to customize a website’s WHMCS theme. We did not just complete the task but we completed it with flying colors. Since then we have come a long way far from being just a newbie company to being the world’s leading WHMCS development company. We have been delivering customized WHMCS solutions to our clients since 2009. In fact, from the year 2009-2014, we were the only WHMCS development company in the market that was working with dozens of international clients for the creation of custom made WHMCS development projects. Over the years we have developed various modules, themes, and WHMCS services to help all kinds of WHMCS client base. And that is just the icing on the cake. Apart from pre-built modules, themes, custom WHMCS services, Official WHMCS License distribution, we also offer these services. WHMCS Website Development WHMCS Module Development WHMCS Scripts Development Payment Gateway Integrations WHMCS Version Upgrade WHMCS Automation 3rd Party Integrations With the experience of over 13 years, we take huge pride in the work we have done in the field of WHMCS. WGS as an organization always aims at growth and client satisfaction. What makes WGS so special is the ability to develop out of the box WHMCS solutions. We also have a team of WHMCS front end developers who can create any level of design customizations based on our client’s requirements. Contact us regarding any queries related to your WHMCS projects/businesses


Set Country Based Payment Gateways
Choose the payment gateways with respect to your country and make your customers pay hassle-free.
Set Payment Gateway Icons from WHMCS Admin
Root the icons for payment gateway from WHMCS Admin depending on your choice to make it much attractive.
Mini Cart for Mobile Devices
An ingenious way to view your order summary via Mini Cart enabled for mobile devices.

HostX WHMCS Theme

Web Hosting Theme is Best Suited for This WHMCS Theme comes with 4 intuitive layouts to choose from and an array of features included any one who is in the business of Web Hosting Provider SSL Service Provider VPN Service Provider Domain Service Provider VOIP Service Provider IPTV Service Provider Our HostX WHMCS Web Hosting Template makes business go online in a Jiffy. So, what are you waiting for? click on the button below and see the magic.

ClientX WHMCS Theme

Set Up Your Professional Website With ClientX WHMCS Client Area Theme – 20% Off
A modern and responsive ClientX WHMCS template designed to fulfil your business requirements and enhance user experience. Start creating your website with an advanced and highly intuitive Client X theme and seamlessly streamline your business operations.


Highly Responsive
Twenty X is a responsive WHMCS theme, which would enable you or your customers to seamlessly navigate through it, on any device. With a variety of Client Area pages available to choose from, we have made sure that you also get that unique feeling that would separate you from the crowd.

CloudX WHMCS Theme

CloudX theme is perfect for boosting your business as it provides a premium feel and looks for business, giving you complete control over your website. This CloudX web hosting theme offers a quick and easy way to modify your fonts, color scheme, layout options, custom badges, multi-navigation, and more.

VueJS + WHMCS One Step Checkout

VueJS OPC is Best Suited for Reduce your abandonment rate and accelerate your conversion speed by 10X with the most powerful and lightweight VueJS One Step Checkout Orderform. This fully responsive Checkout Orderform is highly optimized with Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript Framework to streamline the checkout processes simply. SSL/Hosting/Domain Service Provider VPN/VPS Service Provider VOIP Service Provider IPTV Service Provider

AWS Lightsail WHMCS

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way for developers, small businesses, trainees, and others who want to get started with AWS. AWS Lightsail comprises everything you need to quickly launch your project – containers, virtual machines, databases, load balancers, CDN, DNS management, etc., at affordable monthly prices. The all-in-one AWS Lightsail WHMCS Provisioning Module is an advanced solution that will allow you to resell the AWS services directly within WHMCS in a convenient way. Add the Amazon Lightsail Provisioning module to your business growth strategies and make your products fit the ever-changing customers’ needs!

VMware WHMCS Module
SoYouStart WHMCS Module
WHMCS Cloudflare Module

Do you want to give your hosting business an edge over other web hosting providers? Then this Cloudflare WHMCS module will help you get that edge; you can resell Cloudflare Plans on your WHMCS website with our module. Yes, you heard that right! Not only this, but hosting providers can also resell the DNS services of Cloudflare for free. What benefits will your clients get with Cloudflare? Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS MitigationPrevent Customer Data BreachAccelerate Internet ApplicationsAccelerate Mobile ExperiencesEnsure Application AvailabilitySave server bandwidthFree CDN & SSL What benefits will the Hosting Provider get with Cloudflare? As a domain and hosting provider, a DNS setting is mandatory for a web hosting provider so that clients can easily set their DNS records from the client area. Now the questions arise whether you need to set up an infrastructure for these DNS settings. No, Cloudflare offers FREE DNS to the hosting providers, and you can easily resell them with our module. So, you do not need any other DNS service provider; you can manage them for free with Cloudflare.

Guest Invoice WHMCS Module

Guest Invoice WHMCS Module enables WHMCS users to offer next-level convenience by enabling the payment of a client’s invoice without having to log in. The module allows WHMCS admin users to share a “guest invoice” with their clients. The clients can then make the payment directly for this specific invoice without having to enter any account login details. In addition, The client can share this guest invoice URL with their friends and family who can make the payment directly without entering any account login details.

Account Statement

This Account statement module assists with every aspect of your account transactions, billing, and collections. The module is geared to meet account statement requirements for hosting companies and any business managing online billing transactions using WHMCS cms. The Account Statement module is a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way to receive your statements. This module sends all statements to users every month on their anniversary date. A user can use this module to automate the online billing accounts statements, which can be used for bank statements, cash daybooks etc. You can easily access an electronic version of your account statements through the WHMCS Billing System.


As we all know, GST was launched in India and replaced all previous taxes (like VAT, etc.). Many business owners need help integrating GST with their online store or website. This GST module helps WHMCS users to overcome the initial problems that arise while paying GST bills. WHMCS does provide tax rules options where you can configure your GST tax. Our GST gateway module has some additional features that make it stand out.

Nextcloud WHMCS Module

With the increased risks related to data, a user is prone to feel distrustful of third party cloud storage. With Nextcloud, you can set up your own cloud storage for your public as well as private server. What does our Nextcloud integration with WHMCS do ? It’s a great beneficial module for hosting providers who want to resell the cloud space to their users or who have already sold their cloud storage. With our module you don’t need to do any manual work. You can create various types of products within WHMCS.

WHMCS Linode Manager
Reset Client Password
Hetzner WHMCS Module

Hetzner Cloud Module is a WHMCS auto-provisioning tool, which allows you to manage Hetzner Cloud Instances using your WHMCS Billing Panel. Now let your clients manage all the features available in the WHMCS client area. We have integrated the interface of our Hetzner module in a way that your clients won’t need to face any issue in managing their own cloud server. The server management interface of our Hetzner Cloud module is what distinguishes it from the cloud servers from other companies. Our Hetzner module is designed in a way so that WHMCS admin can easily sell/resell the cloud servers of Hetzner to their clients. You can now make your clients purchase the enlisted cloud server products on your website without even letting them know about its reference to Hetzner. Besides, all the user details will be indirectly registered on Hetzner only. So waiting for what? Place your order for Hetzner Cloud WHMCS Module at WGS and let your clients manage their reseller services seamlessly!

WHMCS OwnCloud Module

The WHMCS ownCloud Module for WHMCS is meant for cloud storage providers via ownCloud. WHMCS manages ownCloud with two of its modules “WHMCS Provisioning Module”, “WHMCS Admin Area Addon Module” and with ownCloud Third Party App “WHMCS_integration”. The combination of three will provide ultimate flexibility to manage ownCloud users from WHMCS. The module also includes, multiple ownCloud installations that can be managed with the ownCloud provisioning Module and ownCloud Admin Area Module. The ownCloud App is not only the way to communicate with WHMCS but it also helps you to set account limit for each ownCloud group. Now the ownCloud users have an excellent way to manage their customers, their invoices and orders from WHMCS. Our admin area ownCloud addon module provides you a way to manage all of your ownCloud admin functionality and prevents you to login again and again to your ownCloud admin. You can manage users, groups assigned to user, quota and ownCloud groups as well. While adding user to ownCloud, you can also add order for client.

Google Cloud VPS

The Google Cloud VPS Module helps to fully automate and control the Google Cloud instances directly on WHMCS. This module is best suited for users looking to automate Google cloud server and to navigate and manage the status of virtual machines end-to-end. As an administrator, you can access the control panel features, view VM logs, add multiple Google API accounts, and modify resources including regions, images, disk type, zone etc. through the WHMCS admin area. Additionally, the module also empowers your clients to start/stop/reboot servers, update SSH key, reset windows server password and helps to get detailed information about the servers including the status and IP addresses. To efficiently run your business, use Google Cloud VPS Module to supervise, control and automate every single virtual machine instance.

iRedMail for WHMCS

Our module will work with both iRedMail paid and free version. This module is about iRedMail as a mail server solution. If you want to offer, email hosting to your customers and want the easiest way to auto-provision the email accounts then WGS iRedMail WHMCS Module is the best module for you. The core functionality of this module is adding of domain, creation, suspension, and termination of email accounts. By default, iRedMail supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP over TLS and offers an outstanding webmail app with full HTTPS support.


NOC PS module is fully Automated Server Module. Admin can easily assign the existing server to their customer as well as user can purchase the new server from WHMCS checkout and provision it automatically without admin interaction. Within this module user can easily access their server and perform various tasks like Restart, Start, Stop or Reinstall the server. User can view the bandwidth usage in a neat graph. The most advanced feature in this module is the IP Manager. You don’t need to purchase any third party addon module for IP manager. Within the module you can setup the IP pool. At the time of provisioning, module will pick a random free IP from IP pool and assign it to the new created machine.

Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway For WHMCS

The Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment Gateway module is for WHMCS users. This allows your online business to accept the payment from the Chinese Market. As we know that Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment Gateway is commonly used/ most preferred payment gateway in China. There are more than 700 million users of Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment Gateway. Even if your business is not in China , but with Alipay Cross-Border Online Payment Module (WHMCS) your website will be able to accept the online payments from the inhabitants and business within China using a familiar and generally used payment method. A single module will give you access to a massive/huge potential customer base. Users can integrate debit cards (PostFinance, Maestro, etc.) too with this and it is easily compatible with credit cards (Visa, Master Card, etc.) and e Wallets (PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.). Our module fully supports web-banking payment methods (PostFinance E-Finance, sofortüberweisung, ELV/giropay, iDeal, Mister Cash, and many more).

2Checkout Tokenize Credit Card WHMCS Module

WGS WHMCS introduces the 2Checkout Tokenize Credit Card module where buyers can place an order on the merchant’s site. They can proceed to pay with our 2 Checkout module. Keeping the security of the information, the credit card data will be passed to 2Checkout in a secured token. The payment flow happens in a way to securely tokenize your sensitive credit card data on your site. The transaction will be done successfully without stirring the buyers sensitive credit card details on the server.

WHMCS Datatrans Payment Gateway Module

Give your customers access to numerous new payment possibilities. Besides the known credit cards (Visa, Master Card, etc.) you can also integrate debit cards (PostFinance, Maestro, etc.) or eWallets (PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.) and web-banking payment methods (PostFinance E-Finance, sofortüberweisung, ELV/giropay, iDeal, Mister Cash, and many more).

Blockchain Whmcs Module

This module allows you to take the payment in WHMCS via blockchain V2 API. Installation and configuration of this WHMCS module is very easy, and the payment gateway is fully automated – you will receive automatic payment confirmations and order status updates. You can set the number of confirmation level or leave that field empty before an invoice is marked Paid. It supports WHMCS 7.4 all the way down to 6.0

iVeri WHMCS Payment Gateway

iVeri WHMCS Payment Gateway
The iVeri Lite gateway module for WHMCS offers a Fast, Flexible, Robust and Efficient Solution for South African Internet Merchants who want to accept Credit Card payments on their WHMCS site

Network Merchants Payment Gateway For WHMCS

Network Merchants e-commerce payment gateway enables companies to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world. NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) Payment Gateway is a WHMCS Payment Gateway module that allows or accepts credit card payments. Customer should not worry about their cc details as NMI takes care of the entire sensitive information.
This Gateway Implementation Requires the SSL Certficate to be Installed on your Site. Note

Payzone Whmcs Module

We have developed new payment gateway for WHMCS called PayZone. Now you can accept payments through PayZone and give your users more options to pay. WHMCS PayZone gateway is flexible and can be used for any type of online business. Its simple to integrate as well, you just need to install it in admin and enter your merchant details and then you are done with the process.

Virtual Merchant Converge Tokenization Gateway

Virtual Merchant Converge Tokenization Gateway
User enters their credit card details on your website for the very first time. While making payment a request is sent through secure HTTPS method and token is generated. That token is stored in WHMCS user gateway id and your customers cannot leave the website unless the transaction is complete. User will just have to enter the credit card details one time only and after that all the future payment is received through token. Our Converge Virtual Merchant tokenization gateway module allows a merchant to support all of their recurring and one time invoice payment. With this module we do not store credit card details locally in WHMCS database. The risk of data theft is eliminated. Here is how it works

WHMCS Clickbank IPN Module

ClickBank WHMCS Gateway Module allows us to make transactions with ClickBank via API .

Wirecard Whmcs Module

Wirecard supports the gateway type of more than 12 different payment methods. Our gateway module will only allow you to accept the payment through credit cards. Currently it does not support the mentioned types like PayPal, GiroPay, iDeal, SafeCard, Mobile Payment (paybox, Orange, T-Mobile, tele.ring, A1). If you need any such payment gateway please contact our sales team.

Amazon Route 53 Domain Name Registration With WHMCS

Amazon Route 53 Domain Name Registration With WHMCS
Grow your domain business while selling domains with AWS route 53 services using our WHMCS module. The entire process will consist of the auto-provisioning as you do not need to perform any manual activation. Whenever the user will purchase domains, their domain will get registered without logging to the AWS login panel within the WHMCS module. As soon as you will receive the response from AWS, the domain will be automatically activated. After the successful payment, the customer can view the status and continue while logging into the dashboard.

SWITCH Domain Registration Module WHMCS

Allow your customers to Register/Transfer .ch & .li domains on your website. Our WGS SWITCH Domain Registrar WHMCS Module allows the registration as well as management of .ch & .li domains within WHMCS. SWITCH will act as the registry of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) for all the domain names ending with .ch as well as .li. These get triggered in a manner when the payments are done successfully within WHMCS for the domain purchases or renewals.

Neustar.in Domain Registrar WHMCS Module

Neustar.in Domain Registrar WHMCS Module
Choose our .in WHMCS Domain Registrar module, which provides full functionality coverage for the .in extension domains. We have created this module for users who wish to sell .in domains. After successfully paying your module purchase, our module is crucial in building a bridge between WHMCS and .in registry API by allowing customers to purchase .in extension domains easily.

Marnet WHMCS Registrar Module

Marnet WHMCS Registrar Module
Choose our Marnet WHMCS Registrar module which provides full functionality coverage for the .mk extension domains. After the successful payment of your module purchase, our module plays a key role in building a bridge between WHMCS and Marnet by allowing your customers to purchase .mk extension domains with ease.

Gandi.NET WHMCS Registrar Module

Gandi.NET WHMCS Registrar Module
Don’t bind your customers with those boring domain extensions; serve them with the best domain extensions by our WHMCS Gandi.net (Oldest Domain Registrar with 700 + Domain Registrars) modules. With our module you open the gates for your customers to register/transfer their domains with over 700+ domain extension choices. Our module builds a bridge between WHMCS and Gandi.net by providing auto provisioning of the domain after a successful purchase.

WHMCS RoTLD Domain Registrar Module

Want to resell .ro extension domains on your WHMCS website? Now you can allow your customers to easily register/transfer .ro domains on your website with our WHMCS RoTLD domain registrar module. Our RoTLD WHMCS module permits the registration as well as management of .ro domain extension within WHMCS. RoTLD will act as the registry of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) for all the domain names ending .ro. These get triggered in a manner when the payments are done successfully within WHMCS for the domain purchases or renewals.

Google Domains WHMCS Registrar Module

The Google Domains Registrar Module helps to manage all your domain-related functionalities including domain registration directly on WHMCS. This module will give ability to auto provisioning of domains and allow management from your WHMCS. This module is best suited for users looking for services such as domain registration, domain transfer and domain privacy. This module will allow your customers to look up their domain availability and also provides domain suggestions offered by Google domains on WHMCS domain search page.

Librenms WHMCS Module

Librenms WHMCS Module
Our WHCMS + librenms module will help you to show real time usage through correct graphs, monitor bandwidth & bill for Overage.

WGS Rack Manager Whmcs Module

WGS Rack Manager
WGS introduces a powerful new data center infrastructure management module that has the capabilities to revolutionize the way IT departments manage their data centers. With powerful rack manager features, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center information that accurately reflects their IT environment. All Datacenter inventory like physical, virtual, blade, clustered, and more device types. Easy to use network switch or server selections. Record server processing power and connection properties along with asset tags, serial numbers, and support information.

WHMCS WhatsApp Notification

WHMCS WhatsApp Notification
WGS WhatsApp Notification WHMCS Module is a fully automated module that will help to grow your business. This module will send all WHMCS default notifications on customer’s WhatsApp numbers and allow the WHMCS admin to schedule custom notifications for specific products/services and for specific WHMCS customers.

Guest Invoice Module Whmcs Module

Guest Invoice Module
Guest Invoice WHMCS Module enables WHMCS users to offer next-level convenience by enabling the payment of a client’s invoice without having to log in. The module allows WHMCS admin users to share a “guest invoice” with their clients. The clients can then make the payment directly for this specific invoice without having to enter any account login details. In addition, The client can share this guest invoice URL with their friends and family who can make the payment directly without entering any account login details.

Monthly Recurring Revenue Whmcs Module

Monthly Recurring Revenue
This report will calculate what you get monthly for that account. If some is cancelled, termed or pending then report will be nill. This report will have all the recurring billing a client is set up for. There would be a summed report as well as a detailed report which would show each product and the amount. The summed report would show the monthly recurring for a client. If the client is on a term it would calculate the monthly equivalent. There would be a column that had what type of term they were (monthly, annual, quarterly, etc…) as well as that persons next bill date.