We at WEB Frigate have but one goal. Provide most satisfying and reliable service to our Clients. And while that might sound like something you have seen in every other company description, we really do believe in that. We want to treat our Clients the same way we would like to be served, and we are proud to earn their trust and glad to be called their friends.

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HRD Integration Whmcs Module

HRD Integration
Module is dedicated for domain registration. Thanks to this module you can sell your domain from your WHMCS side. In this module you are able to see all registered domains and the information about buyer (name and surname or company name). HRD.pl company webside is in both polish and english language. They have a wide rande of domains in their offer, and the prices are competitive too.

E-Signature Whmcs Module

Our advanced eSignature module allows you to create professional looking documents for your clients. While on their own they are very good and you can use the module like that, as a special feature it has implemented integration with eSignatures system that adds another level of professional touch to them as well as legal protection.

Staff Management Whmcs Module

Staff Management
Do you want to increase your and your employees' work efficiency? Are you looking for ways to save time? Are you still tired of checking your employees' working time on tickets? Then our module is what you are looking for.

Menu Manager Whmcs Module

Menu Manager
Thanks to this module you can easily manage your WHMCS menu by adding or removing menu items, change its original place, or changing menu order. It allow to override default client’s menu and edit it by drag and drop.

Customer Questionnaire

Customer Questionnaire
Customer Questionnaire Module Will allow you to to gather the information you need by making quick and simple questionnaires that your Clients will be able to answer.

Ticket Support Whmcs Module

Ticket Support
The module we want to introduce you is a TICKET SUPPORT for WHMCS. Thanks is to this module you will have a more options to control tickets send to you from your customers.

Time Manager Whmcs Module

Time Manager
If you are running a company where you have to control working time of your developers, this Module is perfect for you! With TIME MANAGER you will be able to see how many hours each of your developers worked, control their working time and create a monthly reports for their salaries.

UI Virtualmin Whmcs Module

UI Virtualmin
Virtualmin is a free equivalent of Direct Admin WEB hosting control panel for Linux and BSD system. It is the cost-effective and comprehensive solution for virtual web- hosting management.

Invoice Backup Whmcs Module

Invoice Backup
Whether you want to feel a bit safer of need a tool that will prepare invoices for printing, our module will be perfect for you. Invoice Backup Module creates a backup of all your invoices since last package.

Customer Newsletter Whmcs Module

Customer Newsletter
You can use emails from WHMCS, import your list of addresses and freely add or remove new ones from imported lists.

Random Payment Gateway Whmcs

Random Payment Gateway
This is a great module for those who are using many different payment gateways on their website at the same time. Random Payment Gateway will help you with managing your payment limits through each of the gateway.

Automated Domain List

Automated Domain List
This system improvement will change the way you present your available domains to clients forever. Thanks to this improvement, you can now automatically create a custom page with all of your available domains listed just for the Client convenience.

Product Description Whmcs

Product Description
This time we have prepared a module that will improve invoices in WHMCS. While we have big plans related to this module, current version contains only one but extremely useful improvement.

Staff Notification

Staff Notification
This module uses simple popup windows to display messages, this way it is impossible to miss them and your employees will not need to visit dashboard or any other section of the system just to see if there are new messages

Advertisement Module Whmcs

Advertisement Module
Advertisement Module For WHMCS will allow you to utilize empty spaces on your website or WHMCS by renting it as a banner spot to your Clients.

Order Verification Module Whmcs

Order Verification Module
Order Verification Addon For WHMCS gives you the tool to properly verify your clients and prevent users from using fake email addresses or the one that does not belong to them.

IP Check For Products Whmcs

IP Check For Products
If you have ever felt that clients are abusing your free trials or special one time offers by creating new accounts then we have something for you. Our latest module called IP Check for Products is a very simple yet effective tool to limit such cases.

Automated Invoice Cancellation Whmcs

Automated Invoice Cancellation
Our latest module will help you manage invoices and keep you your system clean by marking them as cancelled when the hosting product they are assigned to has been cancelled.